Here I will list only the news related to my website,changelogs,and anything I consider important.:-)

June 11 2000:Finally got to finish the potato networking page.

May 27 2000:Upgrade to kernel 2.4.0-test1.Lost a FAT16 partition when trying to write on it from Linux.I had a backup so no big deal.Beware tough,it could get worse.

May 14 2000: Started the potato networking page,updated the kernel on my desktop machine to 2.3.9-pre8.A few cosmetic changes here and there.

May 12 2000: Moved my site on a new PC -screaming fast P166 with 128 MB of RAM. Actually is quite overkill for my setup but it was free and double speed and RAM is always nice.:-)

Last updated: June 11 2000.