Helpful Links I think the name says it all :) general linux resources learn all about gnu and their current projects the windowing system on most linux systems The Metalab. used to be called sunsite. A huge archive of .... everything. Home of the LDP (Linux Documentation Project) The debian distro, upon which Corel is based. tons of inormation concerning 3d inside of linux. Both games and non games. links related to corel worperfect for linux. -- thanks to Paul E. Merrell for this one. some mini howtos specifically for corel(debian) linux

some links to hw companies supporting and developing for linux

Links to those things helping linux make it

sorry, the last 4 are not direct links to the linux stuff, but I promise, its there

non linux A nice property managing group in Buffalo, NY. Nice link to a nice appartment page. Hey, I had to, I made the pages :P
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